About Town Centre Management

Rob Woods
Town Centre Manager

Town centre Manager

Rob Woods

Rob Woods leads the Town Centre Management team, and is your initial point of contact.

Rob’s role is to help the partners towards achieving Town Centre Partnership plans, co-ordinating the varied Town Centre Partnership activities and overseeing the efficient running of the administrative side.


Organises the marketing of the Town Centres
Promotes key events
Gathers important information

In addition Rob represents the Town Centre Partnership on external bodies including:

East Sussex Highways
Sussex Police Committee

The Business Crime Reduction Coordinator

The coordinator of the Hastings Area Business Crime Reduction Partnership, whose work includes:

  • Tackling repeat offenders in shops
  • Identifying violent patrons of pubs and clubs

Working with the Police and the Council, the Coordinator:

  • Shares intelligence with member businesses
  • Manages the radio network allowing businesses to contact each other, the Police and CCTV centres
  • Provides images of offenders using the Watch Online system.


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